Rainbow Pasta with Healthier Vegan Garlic Butter Herb Sauce. (Must love garlic like I do! A LOT!

  1. Handmade rainbow pasta from Italy from Cost Plus that cooks in just a few minutes from World Market. I used to be about 2 cups of the dried pasta.
  2. Earth Balance vegan spread- I used to be one tablespoon minced garlic for the dish as it only has 100 calories and the fat is healthy for you non GMO.
  3. Minced garlic I use the one in the squeeze too because it’s easier for me to just add in a second that I don’t have to chop it for ordinary cooking. It depends on how my osteoarthritis in my hands is flaring up! I used to about one heaping teaspoon of the minced garlic that you can use less or more. Garlic is so good for you and happens to be a really good anti-inflammatory to anybody who has any kind of joint trouble like I do no unfortunately.
  4. Good quality Parmesan cheese. I added about 2 tablespoons.
  5. Organic Italian seasoning or mrs. Dash salt-free Italian seasoning to taste.

What I did to make this dish was I cook the pasta and drained it using a mesh strainer.

Before I added the pasta to the Bowl it was going into, I out of the parmesan and the garlic to the empty bowl, and then top that with a hot steaming cooked pasta and then top that with the Earth Balance vegan spread.

The heat from the pasta melts the vegan spread instantly. I just stirred with a spoon very gently so I didn’t break up the pasta.

After that I just topped it with a little bit of the Italian seasoning.

That’s the dish and it was awesome.

I was amazed to see that the garlic mellowed in the dish and it wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be just adding it raw like that.

It was definitely was the highlight of my day made me think God I was live you have taste buds!