Almond Poppy Seed Biscotti Dressed Up for Fall

This one was created by using the basic ratio in the fabulous book that is on my bookshelf in my kitchen now because it it’s revolutionized the way I cook and eat and think and create recipes in the kitchen.

The must-have book if your food lover and cook is called ratio by Michael Ruhlman.

The basic ratio for any cookie is 2 oz of sugar

One stick of butter or margarine I used a heart-healthy margarine

6 oz of flour (1 and 1/4 cups)

Then to give it an almond flavor, like a spritz cookie, I added some really good quality almond extract that I discovered when I stocked my gluten free healthy kitchen last year via Amazon. It’s made by a company called Frontier Co-op Almond Extract that’s organic and the flavor is outstanding. I think I added two teaspoons of it but you can adjust it however you like to suit your particular taste.

I have a good quality Cuisinart kitchen scale and I just zero out all the ingredients, with each addition and I just ended dirtying the Cuisinart measuring bowl.

I begged these the first time around as a drop cookie and I did like them at all and they didn’t have much flavor.

Then second time around I follow the basic cookie recipe and then added a couple teaspoons of poppy seed to the dough and made them thinner, almost as thin as a pie crust, and pre-cut them in the pan with a knife or you can also use very sharp pizza cutter.

I topped them with festive pearl sugar in autumn orange and sanding sugar that give is a pretty festive appearance.

I’ve been they’ve been at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes, and then I checked it and you may need to bake them as much as 15 but you just don’t want them getting too brown.

Recipe in all images by Paulette Motzko,

Copyright October 2018.