Miss Polly’s Beautiful Autumn Anti-Inflammatory Health Soup

All I did was simply take to cooked sweet potatoes and two cooked yellow potatoes that I had micro cooked ahead of time and pureed the potato skin and all, and took out the Flesh of the sweet potato just by simply squishing it out of the potato.

Doesn’t sound very appetizing but it works!

To micro cook the potatoes simply prick them with a fork, and then just put them on a paper towel and adjust according to how many potatoes are baking.

For two potatoes it’s about 4 minutes.

I put about 3 cups of celery in this also, which is not in the picture but it was in my fridge already prepped and chopped in a mason jar in water.

I also pureed 1 pound of baby carrots, done little by little in my Ninja food processor.

1 cup tri-color peppers and onions.

By the way carrots don’t freeze well. I tried it and that’s one of the biggest reasons I’m making soup out of it because the texture once frozen is not that great.

I then added 3 large garlic cloves that I roasted prior in the oven, with some of my Herbs de Provence vinaigrette on it, but you can simply just roast them with extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil or your choice of healthy oil at about 275 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Note: I added in enough water by the way to puree the vegetables each time.

I’ve then added about 2 teaspoons Simply Organic curry powder, 1 teaspoon turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon of the Mrs. Dash garlic and herb salt-free seasonings. I added some dried parsley flakes too but fresh would be so much better too.

1 tablespoon canola oil.

If I had it a drizzle or two of sesame oil would be awesome in here. Instead of sesame oil I had it in about 3 tablespoons of 365 Organics organic tahini which has the sesame oil and from the toasted sesame in it.

You can add as much as you want or as little as you want or season it your own special way.

She would have cream your soup, you can add some evaporated milk to the soap or like cream if your looking for a richer creamier soup.

The way I made it is 100% vegetarian and even vegan because there’s no stock in it, but that I had some vegetable broth that would be even better.

I’m still tweaking it somewhat in the kitchen but I thought I would put it up well I could remember what the heck I did!

If you suffer from any kind of arthritis like I do in my hands and joints, you’ll appreciate this very health-giving and beautiful Autumn soup.

Doesn’t matter if you have any joint pain at all, it’s simply a damn good soup full of the health giving properties of about every anti-inflammatory ingredient you could possibly think of folded into it!

the soup began with me cleaning out my refrigerator and I looked at everything I was cleaning out and organizing and kind of saw the soup in my head how is going to turn out blending ingredients into a health giving soup.

you can substitute other vegetables for the ones I used and make your own healthy soup. You could also add cooked rice to this or cannellini beans would make a nice smile addition that would add protein and fiber.

With romaine hearts salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette makes a wonderful, light, healthy dinner for any one who’s self-conscious or just wants to give their family The Gift of Health as a present!

Or simply do something good for yourself because you can and you’re worth it!

I served mine with some Bulgur better bread that I made earlier in the day I love that stuff that is so good because you eat so much less of it because it’s made with a hundred percent whole-wheat flour and sprouted bulgur, that in itself becomes a real health supporting food because it has fiber and protein unlike many breads on the shelf in your grocery store.

Written by and Recipe and photos by Paulette Motzko.

Copyright October 2018