Miss Polly’s Harvest Autumn Apple Pear Corn Bread

To make my Harvest Autumn Apple and Pear Cornbread I begin by making Michael Ruhlman’s Ratio for “Muffins or Quick Bread” Master Recipe which came from the Fantastic book simply called “Ratio”, which I highly recommend for any serious cook or baker.

That has been a life-changing book for me personally because it taught me the science behind cooking and baking so once I understand it I can adapt it anyway I want.

(I began with me looking up a vinaigrette proportion on the internet and it went to that book for sale on Amazon telling the proportions and ratios of every major dish there is!)

I won’t repeat the exact words that I said to myself when I saw what the book did but it was something to the effect of holy ___t, definitely something that wouldn’t appear in the Bible!

Once you understand the scientific ratios behind cooking it opens the door to creativity in your kitchen!

I know it did mine!

Then Michael Ruhlman tells you how to the science and ratios behind cooking and baking, which I never saw laid put with the handy ratio graph he created.

I don’t know if this book won any awards, but it definitely should have!

It’s the first book I’ve ever seen from the author, but according to the book cover it says he wrote another book called “The Elements of Cooking”- which I can’t wait to get my hands on.


Miss Polly’s Recipe for Harvest Apple and Pear Cornbread

4 oz of whole wheat pastry flour
4 oz cornmeal
1 teaspon salt
4 oz of sugar
2 teaspoons are go baking powder or you can use any other kind of good quality baking powder like Bob’s Red Mill
8 oz of either milk, soy milk, or almond milk
Two eggs or to vegan eggs, although I know the best product will result from using real eggs
One stick of melted butter or a good quality healthy margarine

Mix all of the dry ingredients together until well Blended and then add in the wet ingredients. Will form a really nice better and I didn’t even need to use the KitchenAid for this one.

You can bake the cornbread as it is at 350 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes if you’re making muffins, checking towards the end of cooking time. Or about 45 to 50 minutes if you’re making a loaf.

Due to the apples in this loaf, I ended up microwaving it for about 4 minutes, to make sure that all of the batter that got trapped within the fruit was fully cooked but due to oven times you might not need to do that.

Feel free to very the fruit and add raisins if you like or dried cranberries would be a good addition to this Harvest Apple Pear Cornbread.