Cinnamon Honey Drizzled Sweet Potatoes or Yams

This is so easy and healthy and good it’s almost not a recipe at all…but I made it for myself last night on Thanksgiving Eve.

You’ll need:

  • 1 large sweet potato or yam
  • Orange flower honey
  • Freshly ground cinnamon
  • Butter, Earth Balance vegan spread or other healthy margarine of your choice

Weigh your sweet potato to see how much it weighs first to see how long you need to microwave it for.

I used huge sweet potatoes that were almost 12 oz each and cut 1 and 1/2 for me, making it about 6 oz. I cut the cooked potato and have so I simply heated whatever I want to cook a meal quickly by doing that and it was effortless and didn’t heat the house up and it takes 1/3 the time of traditional.

Take a sharp knife and poke the sweet potato or yam all over carefully and then put it on a plate and microwave it for if it’s 6 oz sweet potato microwave for 6 minutes.

There’s no need to rotate your microwave if you have a carousel microwave.

Once your sweet potato is cooked, (which by the way has tons of beta-carotene, vitamins and fiber in it.) I’ve been just craving these things for some reason.

If you’re using margarine at a little bit of that to suit your taste, then drizzle with honey and then sprinkle with a cinnamon and that was all I did, and the Simplicity of it all was wonderful and the flavor of the sweet potato comes through and is not covered up by a bunch of sugary stuff.


The photo of this will go up on the Internet later.

I made my special Thanksgiving Eve dinner for myself last night after I got home from shopping with a whole bunch of bags, but I did it and a strong guy with big biceps would be happy of the heavy bags that I carried home!

I have my corn bread stuffing already made in the fridge, waiting for me for later.

Yesterday I ate a vegetarian high protein probiotic gluten free lunch of Greek yogurt little bit of honey and Back to Nature gluten free granola before I left though, before I did my walking errands yesterday, complete with my Sketchers Gel Sole Sneakers that are like walking on springs that bounce back with my Bluetooth headset playing my walking playlist on Spotify.

I also drink tons of water and organic green tea through the day.

Whatever you do, be thankful for all the things in your life and people around you.

Be blessed and healthy!