Easy Microwave Egg Cheese Salsa Anyway-You-Like-it Spuds

Easy Microwave Egg Cheese Spuds

1. Simply wash your choice of potato ‘sweet or white- and scrub it really well with a brush and then poke it with a knife or Fork several times to let the steam out.

2. Put the potato on a paper towel and microwave, if you have a setting for spuds on your microwave use it, if not about 5 minutes on high.

3.Slice open the potato and crack an egg inside or add 1/4 cup egg substitute and then blend it then added back to the microwave and cook for about 30 seconds until the egg is cooked.

4. Top with cheddar cheese or monterey jack and you can also add salsa to this if you like. If using a sweet potato a mango pineapple salsa would be good with it or a Chipotle based salsa with Monterey Jack cheese.

Enjoy this anyway you like it for a healthy, high protein high-fiber delicious brunch or lunch.

More add in’s when you add the scrambled egg substitute are:

1. Chopped Black olives

2. Chopped Ortega green chiles

3. Sauteed minced onions

4. Baby spinach leaves

5. Chia seeds to add extra omega-3 fatty acids and fiber

Recipe and photos by Paulette “Polly” Motzko.

November 26th 2018.

Picture to come!