Miss Polly’s Apple Cream Cheese Tart

The combination of the apples with a cream cheese goes really nicely together and a shortbread like pastry crust gives it that cookie like crunch.

This was created with 3 prepared products, which I don’t normally buy, but it was the day before Thanksgiving and I really didn’t feel like cooking all day and I really didn’t feel like cleaning a bunch of dishes up… So I used these three products to make it. Once you buy these items then it’s very easy.

Betty Crocker Pastry Crust Mix- All I did was add water to the mix, and mixed it justice though I would for shortbread with a pastry blender. and you can make either a one crust or two crust.

I made the two crust recipe and then pressed it out into a large greased stoneware tart pan.

I then pricked the pie crust with a fork so as to let the steam come out.

I baked the pie crust at 450 degrees, (as directed on the box), about 10 minutes without any filling in it whatsoever.

Once the pie crust was baked, but not overly brown, I took it out and put it on a trivet.

While the pie crust is still hot, I took 8 oz of light spreadable cream cheese and spread it all over the crust gently with a spatula made of silicone so it doesn’t stick.

Another thing that you could use is the vanilla low-fat cream cheese which would go very well with this or any of the other flavors that you like from Philadelphia or other brands that are light spreadable versions.

Once the cream cheese with smoothed all over the crust- which the heat is going to help with-, then I simply pour one can of apple-pie- filling on top of the softened cream cheese topping.

Drizzled some orange flower honey all over the top of the apple pie filling in sprinkle lightly with ground cinnamon.

The pie turned out awesome, in any professional baker, if they tried it we never believe it was done with such simple, off-the-shelf ingredients, and got such a fantastic in product with it.

I’m going to create my own unique apple pie topping for the next one and then I’m also going to be using my own shortbread pie crust the next time I make it.

First time around with a prototype to see if I liked the combination and I did and so now I’m printing it.

That’s the great thing about cooking and baking us the creating and melding of flavors that create a whole new one!

This is a great dish to have if you want to invite friends over for coffee or tea.

Another nice addition to the apple pie filling would be sliced walnuts or pecans.