2019 is yours to do anything you want! Remember that as you wake up each day!

2019 is here to do anything you want. by Paulette L. Motzko

1. Do something you’ve never done before but always wanted to.

2. Defy the odds.

3. Multi task less and focus more attention on quality and being present where you are.

4. Throw out any junk or clutter around you. Your mind will unclutter along with the junk.

5. Organize your world so you keep only what you love and pass on, throw or donate where appropriate. You’ll give yourself peace.

6. Create a workable budget.

7. Keep only great people around you.

8. Aspire for greatness and create things that are lasting and have longevity. Create things that benefit the world in real ways.

9. Change lives when you can.

10. Delegate to others, when possible, if it frees you to do your best work now. Keep talented people with high ethics around you.
Create your Dream Team in your personal life and business life. Make sure you let them know they are one of the chosen people who you share your thoughts, aspirations, goals and dreams with. Don’t share what is sacred to everyone. Keep parts of your life secret and yours alone. That’s what makes it sacred. Get off as many social media sites as possible and simply live. Choose carefully what you share.

Enjoy life!