My domain expired today and I am trying to renew it with Automatic Inc. And of course it was!

Can you believe as long as this site has been going emails have been going all day since this morning between me and you automatic people I’m telling me about how the domain is expired trade because Automatic Inc often uses hard sell tactics and quite often they don’t look out for your best interest or what’s best for you as a person.

I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy on the 28th of last month to the number of factors-primarily due to my accident last June and because my apt became overpriced last August taking most all my income.

I didn’t yap about it or talk about it but I’m going to now.

You would think that WordPress wouldn’t use a scare tactic routine with someone that has as many websites I do, but they did.

There are times when I wish I hadn’t created my websites on WordPress but I did and they are quite successful due to my hard work.

Their customer service is crappy and I talk to nobody voice-to-voice, just emails back and forth.

After doing extensive research with Google today, if I upgrade this thing to a lower sight of a Personal Plan that includes the domain and it’s only $5 a month.

Why didn’t one of their happiness Engineers be more than happy to offer that as an option?

And why haven’t they done it so far?

Your comments in the comment box if you can see this. Please respond to this so I know if the site is still active.

Paulette Motzko

January 2 2019.

7:01 p.m.