V8 Purple Power Yogurt Oat Muffins

When I was taking my night pills for epilepsy, my Ex Stress 🌿 pill, probiotic, and Turmeric Root tablet and Amino Essentials amino acids tablet by Whole Foods Market and drank it all with gusto because they work synergistically to help me live to my best true potential.

I drank them all down saying “cheers to life and living!” Very few would share something like this but all of those things I mentioned took 57 years to find to derive the health benefits of all.

With some V8 Healthy Greens Juice in my hand and saying to all the positive powerful forces in the Universe and God to make me the healthiest I can be-so I can create extraordinary things to benefit others.

-I took a double take at the bottle and thought about contracting corporate V8, so I did.

I seldom think about doing anything any more but instead simply do it.

The Healthy Greens juice has spinach and antioxidants and vitamin K and anti-cancer fighting healthy nutrients, vitamin A-rich yellow carrots, green apples, pineapple full of bromelain, 💧 filled cucumbers to help hydrate, celery, antioxidant rich kale, romaine lettuce, more emerald green delicious spinach, and green peppers.

It’s been my elixer of life for 2 years now and I take the 12 oz bottles with me on 🔥 days to stay healthy and hydrated.

The v8 🍒 🍎 juice is sweet like a 🍒 cordial and is outstanding for anyone who has joint discomfort of any kind.

I will make these muffins and I am subbing in the 🍒 🍎 juice for the Purple Power one, though I tried it.

Here’s to your health, more wealth to more than meet your needs and joy and love.

Paulette “Polly” L. Motzko