“Better for Your Body Peanut Butter Cookies

“Better for Your Body” Peanut Butter Cookies

A cross between a delicate shortbread cookie and a peanut butter cookie.

Best left to cool in the pan a half hour before slicing to serve and even better the next day because they are not as fragile…

2 ounces sugar
4 ounces Earth Balance Vegan Spread
6 ounces all purpose flour or Unbleached all purpose flour.
3 ounces natural peanut butter

Weigh all ingredients out on your kitchen scale, zeroing out each ingredient each time. blend thoroughly where the kitchen spatula or silicone or wooden spoon and pat into a small greased pan the size, greased with some of the Earth Balance Spread and a paper towel.

Try to make sure it’s the same thickness all the way around so parts of it don’t cook faster than others or burn because it’s too thin.

Sprinkle with sanding sugar or a little granulated sugar or raw sugar to top before baking.

I score mine with a baker’s scraper or you can use a sharp πŸ”ͺ.

bake about 12 minutes, until done and cool.


Polly Motzko
Feb 7th, 2019
10:55 p. m.