Miss Polly’s β™₯ Healthy Delicious πŸ” Soup with Mediterranean Veggies, Garlic and Parsley

  • 2 pounds of hormone free πŸ”
  • 1 bag of 365 Organics Mediterranean Vegetables, which are colorful, tender and simply fabulous!
  • 1 carton 365 Organics πŸ” broth
  • Chef Merlito’s garlic powder and πŸ” Chicken Seasoning
  • Great Value Dried Parsley or fresh parsley
  • 1 can Rotel πŸ…, Chile pepper and onion mix.
  1. Simply coat the chicken lightly, as this has salt in it. A salt free alternative would be Mrs. Dash Chicken Seasoning.
  2. Coat with the Chef Merlito chicken seasoning then saute over medium heat with canola oil or Mediterranean Blend oil, until the πŸ” is nicely done, lowering heat to low, covering with a lid to reduce spattering.
  3. Cook til tender with no pink juices visible.
  4. Set cooked chicken on a plate.
  5. Drain pan and wipe dry.
  6. Add the chicken broth, parsley, and the Mediterranean vegetables about 12 oz frozen.
  7. Heat the ingredients until summer and then chop the chicken and add it chicken soup and you will love this and make it again and again. I had some tortilla chips that were broken at the bottom of the bag and I saved them in a mason jar specifically to make tortilla soup or on salads or other garnish in dishes.
  8. I poured that on the soup right before serving.


My favorite Italian version of my wonderful healthy soup is to add 1 tbsp to 2 tablespoons of Rana basil pesto to the Finish soup in the bowl.

You can also eliminate all the crushed tortilla chips entirely and instead add a couple roasted garlic cloves to the soup, and boy is that good!

Served with some homemade ciabatta bread it’s as good as a feast to me.

Paulette “Polly” Motzko