Healthy Italian Vegetable Soup with Spinach Cheese Ravioli and Mango Fizz with Mango Ice

I enjoyed making my healthy Mediterranean vegetable soup with organic chicken broth and some Ranna pesto in the broth and 365 Organics Italian vegetable mixture the frozen section, that tastes better than some fresh ones I get around here in Las Vegas!

I told how to make this in a prior post, but you can vary at all different ways and it is so healthy and you’ll feel so good when you eat it. You can also very the kind of ravioli that you put inside it and ran it makes a variety of different ones from chicken with herb, and other ones as well. I had it made in my fridge stored in mason jars and I simply poured it into my smallest size crock pot and he did it heated it up gently for me unattended, while I did other things like work on my new online photo product store just launched on the 15th of February 2019.

You can buy cool products with my images on them there.

Anything from a bookmark to pictures for your wall on canvas OR on metal or t-shirts, or cool cell phone covers, to all kinds of other products that I think you’ll like.

It took two years to build and a life time of photo taking experience, and it’s awesome to think that my images will be hanging on the walls of people all over the world thanks to the Zenfolio people who have print houses in almost every major country in the world.

They take care of all the fulfillment for me.