Miss Polly’s Sautéed Garlic, Spinach and Fresh Tomato Sauce over Very Happy Cooked Spaghetti

This recipe began this leftover pasta and I had some fresh garlic cloves that one of my friends gave me along with spaghetti cooked al dente by another other friend, then some wonderful, fresh fabulous organic spinach & 1 large tomato given by my longest friend in Las Vegas Leo.So three different wonderful guys contributed ingredients for the dish.Which made me feel loved and cared for.Combined with my imagination and creativity, the dish was born!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with leftovers.When you add fresh, fabulous ingredients to plain ingredients, it always livens them up, makes them healthier and you live longer in doing so.

There’s a nice big range with gas burners inside the new place I live now with a huge, very modern oven.I can’t wait to make some artisan bread for everybody who lives in this massive house I now live in. It was my answered prayer after so long searching.I have a large studio size bedroom, that is quiet and private and mine where I can think and create in a beautiful older neighborhood with towering trees.I am striving for simplicity and most if all peace.

This is just one great way to use any kind of leftover pasta. Whatever you do, don’t throw it away!, because you can do all kinds of things with it, and often times, the dish that you make with it was better than the original!

1. Heat the pan to medium high and then add the chopped garlic and rough chop tomato and sautee. I couldn’t find any canola oil or extra virgin olive oil in the house so I didn’t use oil and but cooked in a T-Fal pan non-stick pan that cleaned up like a breeze.A few minutes, I could smell the extraordinary Aroma of garlic cooking and the tomatoes turning into a sauce, then added the first handful of spinach.Never measure this stuff. Add as much spinach as you like. If I was to measure how much I used I would say it’s about 3-4 cups.Spinach has a wonderful way of cooking down at the hardly anything very quickly.After the spinach cooked, I quickly added the cooked pasta and then mixed the whole thing up until the pasta was warm along with all the other ingredients.You can serve either in the skillet taking to the table, making sure you put pot holders on the table, or you can beautifully plate and add reggiano parmesan to taste.