Roasted Garlic (Roasted Heaven)

Sometimes the simple things are simply just the best like roasted garlic. I would guess that all you need is about 3 cloves garlic to 1 tablespoon extravirgin olive oil or grapeseed oil and your oven and you can transform ordinary garlic into a delicate flavorpacked accoutrement that you can add to all different dishes, making them come alive.

Guess what? You can!

Simply preheat your oven to 325 degrees and peel off the outer layer of the skin on the garlic first. Trying to move as much of it as you can and then it makes it very easy to use the garlic once it is roasted.

Drizzle 1 tablespoon good quality extra virgin olive oil or good quality grape seed oil. Both are monounsaturated oils and the extraordinary thing about the grapeseed oil as it has a ton of vitamin E in it which is really good for your heart.

They’re both really fantastic for you though.

Simply bake for 25 minutes and then use in all kinds of dishes from pasta to casseroles to breads like focaccia, your pasta sauces, calzones, vegetarian dishes, there so many things!

You can roast way more than three cloves at a time, you’ll just have to add the extra virgin olive oil to them.

Another great thing about roasted garlic is, it’s super easy to peel because you really don‘t peel it completely. You squish it out of the clove! That’s right! The flavor of garlic mellows and adds a nice subtle flavor to your  favorite  dishes.

You simply take the roasted garlic clove and it squishes right out of the outer skin.

Some Garlic Lovers like me like to use it as a garlic bread topper. Instead of adding a bunch of butter and other things to your fancy sourdough bread, simply takes them roasted garlic and mix it with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil or butter and it’s amazing flavor. You can have all the paprika to your garlic bread too.

Hope you enjoy this recipe and come up with ideas that you can use roasted garlic into too.

Recipe written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

Photography and Digital Photo Arts by Paulette Motzko. Copyright January 2018. 

PLM Studios, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Miss Polly’s Mediterranean Live Long and Prosper Salad

Not only is this salad beautiful to look at but it’s really wonderful to taste too and enjoy and savor, because you will be for a while as it’s pretty large salad. 

When you get done eating this you will not be hungry for a long time. Included in it are some of today’s superfoods of tuna that’s very high in protein and good for your brain, and high in selenium. Then joining the quartet are chickpeas which are very high in fiber and protein, and feta cheese, which is very low in fat in calories for the most part.

  • Good quality kitchen scale put your bowl that you’re going to eat in on it first before turning it on.
  • Set your scale to ounces and measure out 2 oz of baby organic spinach, filling and tell you’ve got 2 Oz.
  • Zero out your scale again, and then fill your bowl until it says 2 oz feta cheese.
  • So your scale to grams now and then fill it with chickpeas until it reads 130 grams.
  • Open 1 Starkist low sodium tuna packet that is 130 G. (You don’t have to weigh this. It’s already premeasured in single serving packages that you simply tear open.

1 tablespoon of pine nuts, used Trader Joe brand.

  • 2 teaspoons of Good Seasons Italian salad dressing. The recipe I used was made with half water and half oil, so you can use twice as much of it. The dreswing adds richness and healthy omega-3 fatty acids to your salad yet still captures the flavor of the dressing.
  •  I made my Good Seasons Italian dressing with extra virgin olive oil which is really good for you. You can also make it with grapeseed oil which has a very high amount of vitamin e in it, Pompeian brand has 25% vitamin E Period a huge difference over olive oil.
  •  Without the salad dressing it comes in at 430 calories.


Polly’s Caffeine-free Orange Spice Tea

  • 1 tablespoon whole cloves
  • Two tea bags of Bigelow orange spice tea
  • Two tea bags of Lipton naturally  orange pekoe decaffeinated tea
  • One teaspoon wholesome agave nectar
  •  French Press maker & boiling water to fill French Press.

Simply put all the ingredients into your French Press maker and cover with boiling water and let it steep to however strong you want it. 

This is good served hot or iced. 

I made it to go along with the single serve China teapot that I bought myself for Christmas this year.

It is the first single serve China teapot I bought myself in almost 20 years, so I thought it was okay to splurge!

Written by and photography & Digital Photo Arts by Paulette L. Motzko. PLM Studios, Las Vegas Nevada.

Copyright December 2017.